I have a lot to do.

I am about a third of the way through a garage remodel, my kitchen needs to be gutted and completely redone. My master bath is in dire need of an upgrade. I have a 78 Corvette that needs a lot of restoration just get it to the point of being drivable again. I have a 68 Jeep that I plan to rebuild. I have committed to do two projects at my church that I need to get to work on. I have several Biblical studies I want to do. I recently launched a blog I need to write content for. My daughter is getting married soon, and my son graduates high school in the spring.

I have a lot to do.

People ask me if I have time to help them with this and that, and I always think “Nope, I am swamped”, but seldom say it. And yet, I find time to watch Netflix, most every night. While I am doing that I play Need For Speed on my phone. Neither of which helps me accomplish any of my personal goals.


Because I am easily distracted. And Samsung has provided me with the most convenient repository of distractions in the history of the world. And, I am not alone. My wife sits next to me playing Candy Crush, watching TV or reading Facebook. Most nights she comments on the things she should have done, because we are peas in a pod. I love that woman, and not because she is also easily distracted, but it doesn’t hurt.

I think this may the ‘New Normal’ we keep hearing about, a population of good people with well intentioned goals and aspirations, all distracted from what is important.

Welp, got to go, need to finish watching DareDevil.

  • Kwokka_54

    AHAHA That was brilliant actually. brilliant in simplicity and brevity. Not to mention, true…SO TRUE… i can’t stand watching real news anymore since it makes me depressed AF thus i must be distracted with fiction every waking moment possible