Introducing RINO

Hello, I am RINO.

I am starting this blog to publish my thoughts about the topics of the day. I have long posted in comment sections on articles but have found that there are two major issues with this. First, you don’t really want to write full thoughts in comment sections and this often leads to people filling in the missing information with the worst possible interpretation. For example, if you say you don’t think we should allow murderers to walk the streets, someone will invariably assume you mean all people who have ever stepped on a bug. Second, there are always some people who want pick a fight and before you know it you are discussing your parentage when all you really wanted to say was that you agreed with the author.

It is my hope to avoid both of those pitfalls here, I am hoping to have meaningful, civil conversations with people I agree and disagree with alike.

I plan to write both independent thoughts and rebuttals to media stories, I do not frequent far laft or far right media outlets and have no plans to start now. So, while I will be writing rebutals they will not be rebuttals to stories on sites like Breitbart or Mother Jones.

Look for more coming soon.